Claudio kacky, f/s slash at Edora, Ft. Collins-CO-USA
Claudio "Kacky"

Birth date: 08/14/1973
Assis/São Paulo/Brasil
skateboarder since 1987
b/s no-footer A.K.A. The Jungle Pop



  “The FORFUNZINE.COM is, above all, a dream which came true. With skateboarding running through my veins since 1987, always involved with this lifestyle, it was my pleasure to start the year 2000 with a website that will treat skateboarding with love, respect and the "for fun" which it deserves. We'll pay attention to those who have always supported skateboard and to those who  haven't. We'll always be on skateboard side, 'cause, how can someone be against such long-lasting passion?“
   Yep!  That was my first editorial, back in January 1st 2000,  should I say more? Today, 5 years later, I need to pull that up to remind those that aren't on skateboard  side, those  who are  trying to destroy the most important and traditional skateboard industry on planet Earth, the North American skateboard industry.  It's really important that each country has their own skateboard industry like we have in Brazil: skaters running  skate-companies,  working  and living for skateboarding; but when you get a "gringo deck", that's is priceless, besides being really expensive.
   Lots of people worked really hard to build all this, to gain the respect and change the skateboarding image from "just a kids toy", to a "lifestyle", to a "real sport" status, and now we see some  unscrupulous skate-companies that have become corporations and are doing whatever it takes to make a few extra bucks (by the way, millions of boards become millions of bucks). They closed their factories in the US and put them on the hands of some Chinese toy factory.
  Oh shit! Back to toy status.
 Now you just think about it: if you think that your skateboard is just a toy, you'd better just quit and let those who love and live that lifestyle in  peace.  This  invasion  of crap  is  killing  the roots  of  the  real  skateboarding,  and  turning  millionaires people who don't  care a damn thing if someday the skateboarding gonna have a future, even with such a rich past…

 PS: Why not even one big SkateMag is talking about it??? 

  Este site é, acima de tudo, a realização de um sonho. Com o sk8 correndo nas veias desde 1987, sempre envolvido e me envolvendo com sk8, tive o um imenso prazer de ter entrado o ano 2000 com um site que sempre tratará o skateboard com o amor, respeito e o FOR FUN que merece. Estaremos atentos aos que sempre apoiaram e aos que querem embolar o meio de campo. E andaremos sempre do lado do esporte. Afinal, como ficar contra uma paixão de tantos anos?
Skate for fun, a verdadeira raz
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